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I’m hoping that together we can build this project into a community, where people can share of their stories and experiences in the places that they live regarding their own identities. I think it’s amazing that people visit this blog from all over the world–from places as varied as Iraq to South Africa to Brazil to Serbia to Vietnam to Bangladesh. People have visited from 210 countries and territories around the world!

I’d really love to hear your stories. Send me a note–whether you’re a gay man or woman, trans, straight, queer, friend, ally–whatever. I’d love for you to be a part of the project. I’ll post your story, and if you want to send pictures, I’ll post those too.

You can e-mail them to me at:


  1. Michael O'Connor

    HI Kevin,

    First of all, this is such a great space. I love the variety of men whose stories you share here. Adam Hurly is a friend of mine, who shared this site with me and I just wanted to say that I’d love to be a part of the project If you’re interested. Let me know.


    Michael O’Connor

  2. An observer

    I’ve been following your blog for a while. I think it’s a great thing. I also think of the question – what being gay means to me, I guess I would say, everything and nothing, to be tragic (drama queen!). Now, that being said, I always knew I was gay, so I know not much else. What I see is a photogenic group of people who – well, look nothing like me. I don’t mean that ethnically or anything. But, while I am drawn to your blog, there’s a part of me that feels more excluded. As as self proclaimed well adjusted gay man in his thirties….I guess the gay thing never “clicked” with me or with others. I dream of that domestic life of having kids and settling down. I don’t dream of yachts or trips to Paris. But, I think being gay and not looking like the ideal (read: ugly) has affected me in some way. If i were to tell me story, I guess I’d say I have great friends, a good job, etc. But -I can’t get a date. While single-dom doesn’t affect me too much at that point, I guess I also know there’s something that…just makes me feel excluded. So, there – that’s my story.

  3. Russ Eng

    My friend just informed about your project and he was really excited about your project and he leaded me here. I am interested finding more your project and contents. Thanks.

  4. Kevin Gomez

    HI Kevin,

    I’m 18 who would love to share there coming out story to the world. There is thousands of gay men and boys that need a little bit of a push to show how amazing it is to be somone you really are instead of somone your trying to be. This project is perfect for everyone struggling with their sexuality.

  5. Alan Schultz

    It’s not just the big cities where Gay folk live, but also in rural America and rural world. Would love to hear from some of those out there living and working on farms with or without their partners and husbands. Awesome place to visit is Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem and to see how Gay men there are breaking the Arab-Jewish conflict down in mixed partnerships.

  6. zavija

    Hello Kevin,

    If you would like to spread the global aspect of your project, I am New Zealand born and bred (of Croatian background), please advise. I am a Queer Professional artist, published and exhibited in many locations. Happy to write and share current and past gay life and images.

    kindest regards, Xavier
    New Zealand

  7. Jose

    Hello Kevin. I am from Portugal and I just discovered you project through a post I’ve read on The Daily Grind. I would like to ask you if you have plans to come to Europe? I live in Lisbon. There are lots of stories here to be told and mine is a great one to be told also. Thank you. Obrigado :)

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  9. nazario ello

    hello kevin i am sure a lot of gay men and women out there r suffering from cancer and i want to share that i,have a plant that cure my cancer my ctc 09291336941 my name is nazario ello and i am a matured gay

  10. Peter

    Gays are subhuman self-obsessed degenerates that are acting out sexual aggression and promiscuity. It’s not a valid lifestyle, it’s a mentally diseased condition.

    Best regards from Canada.

  11. MAKITA


  12. Omar Bernal

    Hola, no escribo en inglés por que mi inglés es bastante malo, solo quiero decirte que me gustaría hacer parte de tu proyecto por que me identificó con algo que a muchos le sonará raro, es la estigmatización que se la ha dado en mi país al hecho de ser Gay y encajar en los vínculos sociales.

    Soy de Bogotá Colombia, y si existe la oportunidad de que visites mi país y así invitarte a departir mi historia, las puertas están abiertas.

    Éxitos y feliz vida.


    wanted to share a great website and google+ blog community ,that you can join for free–Jonathan’s Circle/ a wonderful community of supporting men-brothers / thankyou

  14. szhakti

    Good evening Kevin I try to email you my final piece as I promise but its not going through pls kindly give me Ur email add again
    Szhakti here

  15. Eva

    Am Eva 23 am lesbian though i prefer gay. I love my life and maybe someday people will notice love and accept me for who i am. I LOVE BEEN GAY haha its adorable

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