Proud to Share My Latest Article

So I think this is something to be proud of. 34 years ago I was born in a refugee camp for Vietnamese people. Today I published an article for NBC OUT where I interview the US ambassador to Vietnam, Ted Osius, along with several other amazing activists. A former refugee from Vietnam interviewing the United State’s current ambassador to the country–my life starting to come full circle!

“Vietnam’s LGBTQ Movement is in Full Bloom”



    And I am also proud of you, Kevin. It is very interesting to read about the success of the LGBT movement in Vietnam and about the US Ambassador, that is married to a man. Man, this is wonderful and an example to the world ! Thanks a lot for sharing with us your good moments !
    Hugs from Portugal and Brazil !
    José Fonseca

  2. Louis Petit

    About 5 years ago a Vietnamese friend of mine came out to his father (at least, that’s what he told us) on the phone while we were cruising the Bay of Ha Long. Apparently things went quite well.

    Later on I read about possible same-sex marriage in Vietnam. It came as a big surprise considering society in south-east Asia turns a blind eye (at best) or is quite hostile (at worst) to homosexuality.

    Keep on the good work !


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