A Note from Sergi, Student, Barcelona, Spain…

Sergi, in his own words: “I am a student living in Barcelona (Catalonia). And I would like to first introduce myself a little. I was born in Ukraine in 1997, but came to Spain three years later, to be adopted by my actual parents. I have no contact with my biological parents, because I don’t know them. My childhood could say was happy, maybe not so much on the inside, which worsened at the age of 12, when I was discovering who I was. I finally accepted myself though, it took me a few years. I came out of the closet at the age of 13, but I came out of the closet before I actually knew that I liked boys. Hahah I did the reverse. All went well until my mother began to see when I got older that I related to other guys, but now we don’t have any problems. My sexuality was never a problem at school that others would get involved with me, on the contrary to some people I was someone to follow, because they saw that I was still myself even though people insulted me.

Now that I have presented myself, I would say that Barcelona is a city where being homosexual is not a problem. It is a city where I feel very free with my sexuality and where most people accept it, that’s because Barcelona is a very touristy town.

Love. Love. I never felt in love, well, I felt love but it wasn’t reciprocated. As they say in Moulin Rouge “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” I still have not learned. It is a very sensitive and important issue for me, to love and be loved. That must have origins in childhood, I spent the first three years of my life without feeling that somebody loved me, because I was in an orphanage. All my life, from the 15, I began to obsess on finding love and now, after four years, I have not found it. They always tell me that love does not seek, it is. I am a very impatient person and also think love is the solution to everything. I look like a romance writer, but I want to find happiness. I think that love is the solution to everything that is a problem, but every time I see clearer. I have to say that I have had opportunities to fall in love, to have a couple, but I became afraid. Strange not? I want to love and when I see that I can have it I will. I think I want to find love but I’m not ready. When I was younger, I thought falling in love with someone or having someone fall in love with you was a quick thing. But it is not so, and I have learned that later. I have a sad memory, from the past. I met someone who later would break my fantasies of love and make me believe that I was just a sexual object, but now I’m a new kind of guy. I am a person and I deserve respect.

Finally I would say that being gay to me does not change my nature, I have always believed that my sexual orientation is not what defines me. An example: “Hi, I’m gay and my name is Sergi” this phrase is not something I want, I prefer, “Hello, my name is Sergi and I am a person.Finally, I would like to tell you something else about me. In the future I would like to be a filmmaker. Also related to the cinema, next year, I will enter film school and I hope to find myself while I do what I really love.”

photo by Kevin Truong
photo provided by Sergi
photo provided by Sergi
photo provided by Sergi
photo provided by  Sergi
photo provided by Sergi
photo provided by Sergi
photo provided by Sergi


  1. mike plambeck

    I can tell by your lovely smile and good looks…you will in time find the love you seek,Do not rush ,you will know when it finds you.

  2. Luke

    Sergi your writing is truly inspiring to anyone like you. You have been through a lot and come through it all a better person I’m sure. I wish you well for your future and I’m certain it will not be long before a lovely guy like you finds true love, a love you deserve.

  3. PDdeR

    I would like especially to thank you and to congratulate you on your piece and in particular how you describe yourself in your final paragraph. It is exactly how I would reply to the same questions. Very best wishes in your career and for your happiness.

  4. doug

    bravo Sergi – your intelligence and winning smile shine through. I don’t usually post, but your attitude and direction inspire me – keep going! doug

  5. Wagner

    Siga vivendo com esse maravilhoso sorriso ! Ele te abrirá portas por toda a vida. Não te apresses porque tudo tem o seu tempo. Muito boa sorte !

  6. Alex Morales

    Eres increíble! Me encanta tu forma de escribir, como te aceptas a ti mismo y como hablas sin problemas de lo que sientes o piensas. Nunca te rindas en el amor, puede que ya le gustes a alguien! 😉

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