Happy Birthday to the Gay Men Project.

Today is the three year anniversary of The Gay Men Project. Since we started, I’ve photographed nearly 700 individuals in 69 cities, 28 countries, six continents. People have visited the website 802,288 times from 13,351 cities and 214 countries/territories across the world. We’ve made the Culture and Ideas section of Le Monde, one of the most prestigious newspapers in France. AND I was on a bus. I hope you’re all as proud of our hard work as I am. Happy birthday, to the Gay Men Project.

Here’s a little video of me at work, done by a Belgian TV Station: http://www.een.be/programmas/iedereen-beroemd/de-gayfotograaf


  1. Luke

    Congratulations Kevin, you have brought us some truly amazing stories of courage and happiness in the hardest of circumstances. I love your posts and look forward to many many more to come. A huge THANK YOU.

  2. David Chura

    Thank you for all the wonderful photographs and lives you’ve given us!! A great act of generosity on your part and the gay men who have participated.

  3. Kelvin Leo

    Thank you kevin for everything you’ve done & I wish you well. Happy birthday to the gay man project!

  4. Darren

    Your project is inspirational and uplifting, and the importance of your work is astonishing. The combination of your thoughtful photographs, along with the voices of your subjects, is very special. Congratulations on your project’s three year anniversary, and wishing you many more. :)

  5. jempeirson

    What a blessing it is to receive the product of all your hard work and your vision, and to be able to enjoy reading and seeing snaps of gay folks lives from around the world. It is awesome, inspiring and so encouraging. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful project. So, hearty congratulations on three years, and may there continue to be many more. Your project is a little like an iceberg: we only see the visible result, which is about a third we are told, and much of the work is unseen and invisible and goes into subtly altering and changing lives, some of which will be instrumental in bringing about great change. Bless you for your vision to do this. Keep growing it.

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