A Note From Szhakti, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia…


Some people says love was made in heaven, but optimists says love is how we build up our relationships with another person. It’s that moment, that second and that time where u decide this is what you haven’t the most.
But love isn’t easy, it hasn’t being easy.

Today love is more like a need than a commitment, its more to a way of life than living for each other. It’s like you have a steady sex buddy more than too wake up beside the person you love the next day.

I did try to love after Arun passed on to the other world, I did try to love again. Learn to love more preciously, but it is not an easy step as the people I cross through only look at the outer look and not the inner person who eager to fell love again, to feel the warm beat of the heart.

My friends say I never moved on at all and still clinging on my passed. It’s easy to say so but I did move on. It’s just that when I did the people whom I meet on my path only seek for the pleasure of the skin, some even made me a show doll and some even made me think I do still can fall in love but they all proved one thing ‘ Love isn’t easy at all’.

Love is all about understanding, to care and to be care, to share the feelings. To be passion about each other and to feel the Lub-Dub of your heart muscles when the special person beside you.
True love is hard to find.

It can’t be found it is just there when its meant to be it is. Like what oldies will say, ‘Love is made in heaven’, I guess just have to wait patiently for mine even though it has being 12 years im still looking for the lost treasure called ‘Love’.”

photo by Szhakti
photo by Szhakti


  1. zai dominic

    God created each of us with a soulmate….is out there..n waiting to be found….u will never know this person is already in love with u but u havent notice it yet my dear Szhakti….God is watching u now.

  2. Nujra

    Your life is not ended here..love ur life..be as what you are now..suicide will not answer for all of your questions..try to overcome from what you had went through..come out from a black room..there is alot of beautiful things that u have to see and feel..yeah! I admit..to love someone is not that much easy..cannot force..its depends on two heart..good luck for ur future..hopefully u will find someone who better for u..my prayers always be there with u..god bless u..believe in ur self..u will get what u want..good luck!

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