Driving Across America.

I did a month long solo road trip across the southern corridor of the United States, as a test run for the world trip I’m beginning this October (just bought my first plane ticket, Peru!). It was a special trip for me, exhausting, but I learned a lot and was able to reconnect with a lot of old friends. I visited fifteen cities, and in every city somebody hosted me. Old friends from high school I hadn’t seen in fourteen years, my history teacher from the eleventh grade, many friends I made while volunteering for AmeriCorps, friends I made in college, a handful of my Kickstarter backers–from New York City to Mississippi to California, people gave me a bed to sleep, they fed me, and even took care of me when I got sick (thanks Thuy!). It was an amazing experience, and heartwarming to know I have a broad range of support not only for the Gay Men Project, but for my life in general.

I made a short movie about it, check it out!

xoxo kev

My Cross Country Road Trip Across America from The Gay Men Project on Vimeo.

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