A Note from Ardian in Surabaya, Indonesia…

“Oke, my name Ardian I student who love draw and write, I from Surabaya, Indonesia.

I just want share about my story in here,”GAY OR BI” i’m never think about this before, even when I’m in grade 9 junior high school I’m feel a bit different when I watch porn (sorry) I more interested when see man cum but I’m not worry in that time. But time so fast now I was grade 11 in senior high school, I was know about LGBT especially about “gay” and “Bi.”

I’m not sure know who really I am, sometime so hard for me to understand what really happened to me, why this happend to me? Why? I’m so often have question like that in my mind, sometime I just want have life like straight man who loving girl, just loving girl. But sometime I receive about what happen to me.

To be gay or bisex in Indonesia is so hard, I think so many homophobia in here so many people think gay or bi is mean “negative”, so many people not really understand about gay or bi, I dont know why like nobody dont care, if gay or bi is human too, actually gay or bi is just not about negative , sex , party , and drug.

Cause that I so afraid to come out , cause I’m not already if I get judge from many people in school,so many people will hate me maybe, for this moment my friends,my family not know,if I’am gay or bi, why I write “or” cause I’m not sure if I’m “gay” sometime I feel im “bi”. maybe I just want this to be my secret life.

And I want say thank you so much Kevin before I find your project, I’m so worry with myself so worry about happend to me, so worry about I’m gay or bi cause in your project I was read so many gay people have great job, and have big dream and I feel more better. For future I hope people more respect with LGTB, so good luck for your project Kevin :)”

photo provided by Ardian
photo provided by Ardian

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