A Note from Patrick, in Berlin…

“Hello there,

I was born and raised in a small town in Bavaria as a American/German half-breed. As long as I can remember I thought about man. I was born gay. I don’t know anything else.

Of course there where times I felt left out or even hated. I never had an official coming out. I choose to do so, not because I am in the closet, because I don’t think everyone should ever has to explain their sexuality or preferences. I never had a hetero man introduce himself as hetero….

This projects reaches my heart because it brings gay life closer to those who think in stereo-types. It show apartments filled with love, art and partners devoted to each other. It tells that we are struggling to survive, to have a good job, to go on vacation and to share our happiness with those who are important to us.

Times change and the life concept of a lot of people doesn’t include a house, a baby or marriage but this doesn’t mean that it is easier. It is a search for individuality, hope and freedom.

” I hope for the day, when we not just accept our diversity but celebrate them together”

Yours sincerely from Berlin”

photo by Patrick
photo by Patrick

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