A Note from Niko, in Santoña, Spain…

“I’m Niko, 25 years old, born in Lyon, France. I currently live and work in Santoña, Spain. From childhood I’ve been between cultures as my mother is greek and my father french, I think this gave me the will to learn languages and travel or live aborad, discovering new horizons.

Being gay for me has been quite a fight, as after my coming out, I suffered a strong rejection from members of my family. So now that this stage belongs to the past I’m proud to be gay, which is not worse or better of being heterosexual, and I really think that everybody, whatever his sexuality, should be able to live and affirm it freely without fearing rejections, insults or law penalties in some countries. That’s why we have shouldn’t hide our homosexuality because if you don’t accept yourself how do you want other people to accept and consider you?”

photo by Niko

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