A Note from Jenny, in Oslo…

“Hello, Kevin! I really love your project.

First off, I have to say I am not gay – I’m not even a man – but I still find your project amazing and I check for new updates as often as possible. I love the pictures, and the stories of all the struggles people have been through just to be who they are – it is a reminder that we must never stop fighting injustice!

Here in Norway, things have moved fast the last couple of decades, and gay couples have been allowed to marry since 2009. I am very glad and only ashamed that it took THAT long to give people such a basic right. I have several gay friends and I’ve had the privilege to get to know them, to be one of the people they confided in when they came out and seeing how they have grown in confidence and happiness after they came out. One of my best friends came out just after junior high (by then, we had already known for years), and he is today in a very committed relationship! He had been teased and picked on by boys in his class since he was little, after PE they refused to shower with him because they thought he was gay, and sometimes they would throw his clothes out – even into the snow during winter. He never let them take his spirit away, proudly continued being himself, dancing, doing the things he loved – and by the time he came out, most of his childhood bullies had already apologized (and, being the amazing person he is, he forgave them for their narrow-mindedness). I suppose my point here is to just let people know that even though I in no way know what you’re going through, know that there are lots and lots of us out there who support you all the way, and want to help you realize that things DO get better.

Keep up your great work, Kevin – you are clearly inspiring and comforting people all over the world. Norway welcomes you, if you ever decide to visit! We have plenty of happy couples here to photograph :)”

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