A Note From Pakistan…

“I live in Pakistan. I’m 18 years old. I’m student of BS computer. Story is about gay life of a teenager. At the age of 15 he came to know that he is gay. He feel that he is different from other boys . His way of thinking is different like his brother and cousins. After some time he like a boy of age 18 ,he was his neighbor. He eagerly want to be his boyfriend . Then after repeated tries he succeed. Then some time he spend with him. Then Ayaan his name then they sex when Ayaan elder brother came to know then they have breakup. Then his family always say ur r bad boy Ayaan very bad boy. Ayaan want to become bold model but his parents not allow him join showbiz.

Ok. Next part of story. Ayaan feel very upset all time and request to God why I’m gay. Y I’m not normal man. My parents even don’t like me. Ayaan want to live normal simple life but some time he can not control and he want to find boyfriend. He like muscular sincere boyfriend. He feel I’m the badest boy in the world. He was very depressed and then he leave his house and he join the gay club mean pay for sex. He became popular in the city because of his ass. And when his parents came to know they kill him. He was killed just because he was gay. Ayyan always say that I’m gay. Being gay is not a disease .but at very young age he was killed. Because his family feel shame of him.”


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