A Note from Mexico…

“Hi, Kevin.

I hope you are alright. I write to you because I really like what are you doing with this project and those amazing portraits (the photos and the stories) about gay men. There is so much honesty, wisdom and personal growth in every story that it captivate when I read each one.

My name is A from Mexico, I’m 23 years old, and I’m a grad student, also I’m a proud gay guy. It’s really difficult to grow as a gay guy in this country, but during this path I’ve met wonderful people.

So, if you think to come by and visit Mexico, I’ll be glad to share my own experiences with you, because I think here we have a different culture and perspectives with what I’ve read on your project but the goals tend to be similar.

Keep going with this project. Thanks.”

(A, thanks for writing. It really means a lot and I really liked what you said about cultures and perspectives being different, but the goals being the same. I’d love to come south of the border, looks like I’m building a following there! I’ll keep in touch…)

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