A Note from New York City…

“Hi Kevin –

I just stumbled upon The Gay Men’s Project and I just wanted to reach out and congratulate you on this inspiring and creative endeavor. I can only imagine the number of lives you’ve touched (and saved) by making this resource available and letting people everywhere — young, old, gay, curious, bi, transgender, transsexual, etc. — know that there is a community that loves and supports them. It was particularly encouraging for me to see such a wide range of perspectives; having come out pretty recently, I had always thought that my sexuality pre-disposed me to certain behaviors or styles or ways of speaking, and I was happy to see the contrary reflected in your work.

I would love to participate in the project, though I’m only a college student and I’m not sure how much I could offer. Still, I’d be honored to share my story and add it to this diverse collection of narratives that you’ve posted so far.

If you’ll be in the New York City area anytime soon, please let me know so that we can talk more about the project.

Thanks so much and, again, congratulations.


(Thanks, J. That note really meant the world to me.. xoxo kev)

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