Michael, Student, New York City

photo by Kevin Truong
photo by Kevin Truong

Michael, in his own words: “I think that the role of the gay man used to be more meaningful to me before my gender exploded into an infinity of fluidity. I don’t really think about being a man and I don’t really think about a being a woman. As a ‘gay man,’ we would assume that I am a man interested in men, but even in that explanation there is so much categorization that makes me dizzy. I really believe that an illumination and growth of the trans/queer community will sort of bring a end to the relevance of the terms ‘the gay man,’ ‘the lesbian woman’ in our discussions of sexuality because people will have sexually evolved to a place where those terms are more restricting than they are descriptive.

When I moved to New York I sort of ceased to be referred to as a ‘man.’ I can’t think of one time where I haven’t been called a ‘lady,’ (and it is ridiculous that we are addressed by people as one or the other so often). But I think what there is to take from that is almost how meaningless the two terms come to be. I have a penis but run around New York as myself, not a ‘man’ and not a ‘woman,’ and people recognize that as a ‘woman,’ which is not what a woman biologically is. It’s sort of like – “O.K. IF THATS WUT U WANNA?????????? I HAVE MADE NO PUBLIC DECLARATION OF IDENTIFICATION TO ANY OF YR SILLY TERMS, THESE ARE NOT MY TERMS!!!!”

The perpetuation of our society’s usage and ideas of these terms is too mighty a wall for me to climb alone but I can’t tell you enough how silly I think it is,(hehehehehehehehhehe) or how proud I am to have infiltrated it. In this light they sort of seem to operate as terms in a game that these people play to “win.” Like a “CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE WON WOMANHOOD” banner will fall from the sky every time someone decides to refer to you as a specific gender. It is like you are being rewarded for having done a “good job.” Who the f*ck are you to tell me that????? You don’t know sh!t about me!!!!!”

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