Dear Austin,

photo by Kevin Truong
photo by Kevin Truong

You are a mothers dream come true! My dreams have always been for you to be HAPPY, HEALTHY, SELF RELIANT, SAFE AND …. SURROUNDED BY LOVING FRIENDS! You have managed to do all this, your whole life, AND SO MUCH MORE! You never cease to amaze me! You truly are an inspiration Austin. I know I haven’t been very open with my feelings about you being gay, but I want you to know how very proud of you I am. To be as strong as you are and LIVE YOUR LIFE as a HAPPY, HEALTHY, SELF RELIANT and SAFE person, surrounding yourself with loving friends………… See? You ARE making my dreams come true!

I’ve always told you that I wish I had a friend like you when I was growing up…. How did I get so blessed to actually have you for my son AND friend? You have taught me SO MUCH! I can honestly say, I look up to you. (not only because you are much taller than me…. Ha!) But because of your strength, determination, great personality, the wisdom you hold is way beyond your years…., the amazing relationship you and Larissa have (melts my heart), your intelligence (WOW), your zest for life, exploring, traveling, learning and growing….etc…….every single day of your entire life!

I am so thankful for you Austin. You have made an extremely important difference in my life and I know with every new step you have taken in your journeys, you have made a difference in so many other lives as well. Thank you for being such an inspiration…..

With all my love forever and always, Mom


  1. Chelsey Lackey

    I couldn’t ask for a better best friend, best cousin, better person to share my first year of school with. You will forever be a wonderful part of my life. Love you forever!

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