Reverend Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes and Glen, Performer and Truth Teacher, New York City

photo by Kevin Truong
photo by Kevin Truong
photo by Kevin Truong
photo by Kevin Truong

Reverend Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes’ own words “(Being gay) simply means that I am sexually attracted to masculinity in general, and specifically, sexually and emotionally joined to my husband Glen. It doesn’t mean that I belong to any particular “gay” stereotype.”

“I am Spirit having a human experience in a body that society and culture says is “male” and more specifically “gay male”. Neither of these identities define me. I am both male and female, profane and Divine. I am Human and that is a profound and enlightening experience.”

“I have found that what I think of anyone is a reflection of what I think of myself. There were times that I didn’t have a lot of love for myself and that was reflected back to me in the community around me, LGBT or otherwise. I have resolved so many of my own issues that the community around me has changed. The people that surround me, now, reflect the love that I have for myself. I have created renewed, loving relationships with old friends in the LGBT community, and I have also made new friends with LGBT people that hold the same goals as I do. I also have established and strengthened relationships with life affirming people in other communities besides the LGBT community. All of my circles now intersect easily with each other.”

“(One of the challenges I’ve faced) is believing in myself despite the opinions of others. Other people have always told me what I was “supposed” to do, and what the life threatening consequences would be if I did not follow their instructions. Guess what!! I’m still here !! I’m still doing it my way.. the way my inner Spirit directs me… and I LOVE my LIFE! thank you very much!”


  1. Robert Alvarez

    I have had the honor and pleasure of not only being one of Rev. Yolanda’s and Rev. Glen’s student, but have had the honor and pleasure of watching Rev. Yolanda perform at The Duplex. In fact, I was there this past Wednesday, October 15, 2014, and her show was better than ever.

    Yolanda and Glen are amazing. And I AM so happy to see them in this blog, too.

    Thank you.

  2. Scott Mills

    Well stated, with warmth and sincerity. I think many of us have been too defined by the politics of being gay for too long. There are stereotypes within our little world. We can live outside of that box, too !! It takes courage and a true sense of self to experience life without al the titles. Nevertheless, we still need each other to survive this life regardless of what we do with our genitalia. Thank you for your beautiful insight. All blessings to both of you !!

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